On this website you may find a few projects I am working on. My goal is to compile information about the current state of the arts and humanities.

Below you will find hyperlinks to such projects. They are all non-profit endeavors and if you wish to contribute in any way, please send me an email (youthful.protege@gmail.com)

  • Independent Galleries: A portal of independent art galleries around the world. Perhaps you know of an art space in your area that actively engages with the arts & culture, as well as the humanities. The vision: a connected network of independent galleries that collaborate on projects, share experience, and act as agents of momentous social change.
  • Arts & Humanities Links: List of curious sources related to the arts, culture, and humanities.
  • Arts & Humanities Publications: List of contemporary magazines, periodicals, zines, etc. dedicated to arts and humanities.
  • Contemporary Artists: Explore contemporary artists that the bourgeois art world isn’t active promoting. The profit incentive turns art into a version of “fan service”, and those who can pay, get promoted the most. Here, my efforts go toward minimizing the financial strain and providing free online spaces for artists to display their works and find those who meaningfully engage with it.

Ÿu [tw: @goodsl33p]